Review of Dorset Cereal’s ‘Simply Nutty’ Muesli

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    £1.99 for 410g (This is just enough for 2 bowls for an adult so the product won’t last long, however they do use better products and it is more nutritional)

    Nutritional Information:

    Kcal 378 per 100

    Fat 9.2g per 100g (1.5g of which are saturates)

    Salt 0.2g per 100g

    Carbs 56g per 100g
    of which sugars 14.g

    Sugar: No added sugar which is good, but there’s still a lot in it.

    I chose this because it looked more nutritional than the other cereals, and it looked like the company ‘made an effort’ to try and be healthier. It was also nice that they use a variety of oats (decent sized) and a variety of nuts, including brazil nuts which is great and really good for us. They did not have details of any vitamins and minerals on the box, which is a shame, as that would be a good selling point. Being a woman, I am always looking for cereals with iron in it and any vitamins that can improve my skin and hair. I can’t stand raisins so it was great to find a cereal that have none in it.

    Taste: Good, nice and nutty.

    Cardboard box: Made out of recycled fibre, but this was not stated on the box. I found this on their website. It is good that this is recycled.

    Carbon Footprint: There was no British flag on the box but I had to look through their website to see where the oats etc come from. It turns out that they use British farmers for their oats and they import fruits and nuts but do not state where they import them from (this is important to me) and are they sourcing them from ethical countries? On their website, they are vague about this.

    Good employer: Nothing on their website or box says that the company supports the Low Pay commission.

    Pesticide Use: For all we know they choose farmers that use pesticides. There is nothing on the box saying they do not. As they visit their suppliers regularly, they should be able to tell us us whether they support such farmers.

    Would I buy this product again? Not sure. They are not clear about pesticide use.

    Taste: 8/10
    Ethical: 3/10

  • Review of ‘Mrs Crimbles’ Apple Flavour Ricecakes – Thumbs Down


    I chose these as I wanted a healthier option, and it was gluten free. How I wish I read the packet on the front and the sides but I was in a hurry. (Yep, my fault, hand up!)

    The marketing tried to make it ‘look homemade’ but I couldn’t see any address of the bakery.

    I opened a pack and tried a rice cake and spat it out. I thought that the flavouring would be mild, but all I could taste was sugar, it was laced in the stuff. It was like eating a pop tart.

    I was going to eat with with cheese, but the sugar dominated this entirely. It also has salt and this was hidden from the front part of the pack.

    People are encouraged to have these nasty things in their lunch boxes. I nearly felt sick with all the gunk that was in there. The sugar content is hidden and was in small writing on the side –  25.9g for 100g. The packet itself is 140g.

    The marketing makes it look like a healthy product with the fresh apple on the front but it’s just apple’flavouring’.   According to the ingredients, there is more sugar in it than ‘apple flavouring’.  

    It is so unhealthy and disgusting, that the rest of them are going in the bin.  

    Verdict: This has to be the worst rice cake I have ever tasted.  You can’t eat anything on it as there is so much sugar in it.        Rating: 1/10 Would I buy it again? No, and I wouldn’t even feed it to the birds either!

     I care about my health and weight.

    New Product Review: Mars Galaxy Nut Crunch

    This is a large 114g chocolate bar (they don’t make them in small sizes for those watching their weight) and I bought this for a Special Price of £1 – No doubt the price will rise drastically after this.


    Ingredients: Sugar (so mostly riddled with sugar), Cocoa Butter, Cocoa Mass, skimmed milk powder (well it’s a start!), milk fat, hazelnuts, almonds, lactose, whey powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), salt (yes, added SALT), natural vanilla extract (May contain peanut, gluten (wheat). 


    Calories: 560kcal per 100g 


    Carbohydrate: 52.1g per 100g


    Sugars: 51.5g per 100g


    Sneaky Marketing: On the front of the bar,  the label states kcal per 3.8g, as opposed the 560kcal per 100g written in small print at the back. So, please read the back!


    Fairtrade: No Fairtrade Mark whatsoever.  No fairtrade sugar either. 


    Milk or Dark Chocolate: Milk, so even more fattening.


    Packaging: Uninspiring, and tacky looking, perhaps made to look even cheaper.


    Taste: Well the nutty crunch is nice and gives reminds you of eating a posh chocolate, but after a while, you suddenly get the sickly cheap chocolate taste, which tastes a bit weird and doesn’t seem to match the almonds and hazelnuts. It also tastes  sickly.  When you try it, it is nice for a bit, then you feel you have eaten a globful of fat, which has a funny after taste, even though you have just had one or two cubes.


    Would I buy this again? I would only buy it if I could share it with several people, as this bar is far too much for anyone, and the amount of sugar  and fat is far too much. I don’t think I would ever buy this more than once ever two years,  and even that is too much!


    Review: 5/10



    Why is she so Nasty to me? Signs of Narcissist Personality Disorder

    Have you ever wondered why your relative or boss seems to have a very disturbed view of the world round him or her and puts you down whenever they can? 
    Have you found that you just cannot talk to them, about just about anything, without them getting angry and turning against you, even if you are trying to help or resolve situations? 
    Have you been disherited on numerous occasions as a way of trying to control you? 
    Here is a list of things you need to look for with a person who has Narcissist Personality Disorder, a frightening and crazymaking condition for victims, who constantly wonder what they have done to upset this person.  A person with this Disorder has extreme low self-esteem and constantly tries to present a powerful image.

    Can you spot some signs of person with NPD?

    • Has a grandiose sense of self-importance
    • Is preoccupied with fantasies of unlimited success, money and greed, power, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love. Sometimes money can be more important than love and genuine kindness.
    • Believes that he or she is “special” and unique, and the world revolves round them. Conversation comes round to them all the time and they are often a ‘victim’, it is never that fault.
    • Can be very selfish 
    • Can be generous to people who agree with them or those they can take advantage of
    • Not listening to you, you have no self worth
    • Requires excessive admiration
    • Has a very strong sense of entitlement
    • Is exploitative of others, and frequently friends and spouses do not notice this until it is too late
    • Lacks empathy
    • Some people would call them ‘emotional vampires’ 
    • Is often envious of others 
    • Regularly shows arrogant, haughty behaviors or attitudes
    • Deviousness
    • They don’t like happy people or those who disagree with them
    • May use money to buy friendship, as a means of control 
    • Can be volatile, blowing hot and cold
    • Some can be sociopathic
    • May not like relatives helping –  ‘they are ok, mind your own business’
    • Using a loud voice to control or screaming, use of anti social swear words
    • Using the telephone to abuse people
    • Highly territorial, frequently having legal disputes, and having a lot of legal bills. Maybe not be able to pay for them. 
    • Emotional Blackmail to control people
    • Lying, but being often being discovered, as they’re not very good liars.
    • Emotionally cruel to their own children
    • Children are an extension of themselves
    • Having an outside image of charm, ‘a bit eccentric’
    • Neglect of their own children, perhaps leaving them home alone or not spending Christmas with them, failing to make meals and getting someone else to do it as they can’t be bothered
    • Charming to friends, but often speaking behind their backs
    • Not standing up for their children, but expecting them to stand up for them
    • Hates gossip, but is a huge gossip themselves
    • Revenge
    • Possible debts
    • Not getting the right help from the right places, may prefer a dodgy friend 
    • Being lazy and getting someone else to do things for them, for free
    • Stealing things for ‘righteous cause’
    • Supposedly being religious but rarely doing religious things, perhaps like going to church and using it as ‘cover’ for their image. Being surrounded by religious people also means that they will get admiration, that’s if they do mix with them sometimes.
    • Silent treatment to relatives who do not agree with them, they ‘feel hurt’
    • Having conmen tendenances
    • Surrounded by admirers, such as ‘conmen’ and frequently being taken advantage by them and not knowing it
    • Admiration of professionals – the money you spend on them, the more they are trusted. This is very worrying as they can be taken advantage of by solicitors and investment advisors.
    • They want their children to be carbon copies of them, if they are not, they will get emotional abuse or blackmail. They will speak ill of their children.
    • Friends and relatives start to ‘feel used’ and if they are not wanted anymore, are ‘tossed aside’. 
    • If they have witnesses, they can charming but a lot of the abuse goes on behind people’s backs.
    • They would prefer a solicitor to be a trustee, rather than their own children
    • Putting unreasonable clauses in legal agreements, the solicitor often going along with it for the money
    • Because they may money problems, they could be taken advantage by people. Neighbours for example, can encroach on their land or try to buy property for a good deal. Neighbours can use their charm or money to take advantage of someone with Narcissist Personality Disorder. People around them need to keep an eye on this behaviour.

    What to do about them

    This is very hard, they can be very difficult but you have to take care of yourself. It is very sad also for them, that they have this disorder.
    If you are at work, either leave or appease them, carefully agreeing what they say or making your idea, ‘their idea’.This is hard, but they hate people disagreeing them at all and could make you a target. The best thing is to leave or move offices, they are emotional vampires. Do not give much information about yourself, they could use it against you. Be careful when talking to their friends or relatives as they could talk and they could gang up against you, after all, some people think the person with NPD is ‘charming’ and ‘could do no wrong’. When you meet them, ensure you have a witness, they don’t like that, but it means you are safer from abuse and lies. Banks can help by controlling loans and keeping an eye on their accounts, and advising their power of attorney if any problem. If people can notify their next of kin this can be helpful, as often the Next of Kin may not see the full range of problems they are causing to others and themselves. Inform the police of your fears and of who may be taking advantage of them, particularly if they are elderly. They may not be able to do anything, but they can keep it on record. Take a holiday away even if for a few days, maybe stay at a friend’s house so you can undo any negative abuse, and the toxic environment.

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    Protesters to protest outside Daily Mail Offices on Sunday, October 6

    A  protest is to take place on Sunday, 6th October, 2013 by the Daily Mail offices. They will meet at Young Street, London W8 5EH (South Kensington tube) at 12pm, in response to the Daily Mail shamelessly slurring Ed Miliband’s late father as a man who ‘hated Britain’,  the protesters claim that it is the Daily Mail that really hates Britain. Over 500 people have already signed up saying that they will go along to the event.

    In their Facebook campaign, they say:

    “So, the Daily Mail accused Ralph Miliband – a Jewish refugee who fled the Holocaust and proudly fought the Nazis – of “hating Britain”. The irony. This is a paper that once backed the Blackshirts and Adolf Hitler.

    But the truth is the Daily Mail hates Britain more than anyone. It hates its proudest institutions, like the BBC and the NHS, which the Tory Nigel Lawson once described as ‘the closest the English have to a religion.’ It hates public sector workers, who range from dinner ladies to nurses – the pillars of our society. It hates trade unionists, who belong to Britain’s biggest democratic movement. It hates women generally. It hates Muslims. It hates travellers. In its long, hateful past, it has spewed hate at Jews and gays, arguably the greatest threat this country has faced in its entire existence.

    It really is just one big inky fountain of hatred. But for too long we’ve ignored it, almost like an eccentric misguided relative, stuck in a bygone era, but largely harmless. In reality it is a poison in public life, bullying and blackmailing anyone and anything that gets in its way. So let’s strike back. On Sunday, all the people hated by the Daily Mail – that’s pretty all of us – are going to turn up at their headquarters, loud and proud about who we are. If you’re a woman, a Muslim, LGBT, a nurse, a socialist, a trade union rep, or just someone who doesn’t like hatred being pumped into public life every day, turn up.”

    Being an environmentalist, another object of hate, I will coming along, that’s if my cold, from all that time in the fresh air, cycling and being out in the wilds of Tory Kent, will let me.

    Weather Report for Protesters

    According to the Met Office, the outlook for this weekend is expected to be mainly fine and dry with some bright spells.  The UV will be low at 2 and Pollen will be Moderate. Temperature will be 19C.

    I recommend bringing a long of hot flask of hot chocolate or soups, as if you are like me, you need to keep warm.

    Angry Tonbridge Residents demand action over Drytec Smells

    Angry residents have set up a Stop the Stink Campaign as the sickly air quality round Tonbridge High Street in Kent, is still continuing, They have also signed a petition about the deodorant smells that has gone on for several years.

    I have smelled vanilla and strawberry in the air, which sounds nice, but it has been making a lot of people sick.

    When I asked Drytec about the chemicals they used, they said:

    “We make powdered fragrance which is added to the deodorant can .The formulation is the intellectual property of the company we supply to so we are not permitted to send the recipe to members of the public. However we have on request of Tonbridge and Mailing council we have provided data sheets to them these were sent to the public health dept. They confirmed there was no health risk with these products”

    @BBCRadioKent will be reporting outside Drytec at 0850 this morning but it is not known whether Drytec or Sir John Stanley, MP, for Tonbridge & Malling will speak to them.

    The campaign can be followed on @stoptonsmells. For a copy of the Petition


    0900 hours 17/09/2013

    When asked by @bbcradiokent to comment on the Tonbridge Stink when they were live outside its factory, Drytec refused to do so. No comment from Sir John Stanley either, though it appears that @BBCRadiokent did not ask him.

    Ships’ Opera Stuns Londoners

    AN EXTRAORDINARY armada of nine historic vessels performed an ‘opera’ tonight using traditional steam whistles, bells, horns, hooters, sirens and cannon as part of the Thames Festival 2013. The idea was dreamed up by artists Richard Wilson and Zatorski + Zatorski

    The magnificent three-part maritime performance started at the mouth of the Thames and travelled right through to the Pool of London, one of the old port centres – sailing under Tower Bridge, in theatrical style.

    Some of the ships taking part in the ‘symphony'; were the Trinity Lightship (LV95), VIC 56, VIC 96, the Kent, and the Dutch sailing clipper De Walvisch.

    As the boats sailed into the Pool, spectators seemed a little awestruck at the sight of such beautiful ships. It was possible to envisage the days when such vessels were regularly seen along the Thames, not just the party boats and speedboats that inhabit London today.

    Particularly impressive was a stately red Lighthouse ship; like many Londoners, I had never seen a ‘mobile’ lighthouse before. The old sounds seemed wonderful – and so eerie, particularly at night. Massive cannons from HMS Belfast sounded from time to time. (I anticipated chunks of the Tower of London, sited on the opposite bank, would be blown away away in front of us! It was not to be.).

    There were times when the ‘ship’s opera’ sounded as beautiful as the songs of whales, but at other times, it was a bit like a ‘M25 traffic jam’. Even so, the whole event was magical, particularly as the boats headed back under Tower Bridge in the finale. A Spanish tourist laughed as a little boat, with a few spectators, followed the armada behind.

    And, just to add to the effect, the Thames provided its own distinctive flavour to the performance, as it gave off a rather nasty muddy vapour, perhaps reminiscent of The Great Stink.

    I don’t suppose any tourist or Londoner will ever forget this evening. Equally, I expect that Canaletto, or any other of the great artists to paint London’s river, would have loved to have been here tonight, and to have seen the spectacle and heard it all.

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